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Rapid Fire Audio Files

I created these audio files a number of years ago for mental rehearsal. The shot splits break down as follows:

There is also a 3-minute preparation period and a complete half course, and a visual aid for dry firing.

(Per the licensing of the content of this site, permission to [re]use this content with attribution is granted.)


Sight Pictures

I searched the Google for pics like these and couldn't find them anywhere, so I thought I would post some that I created of center hold and sub-six hold. Permission to link with attribution.

Center hold:

image of a center hold pistol sight picture

Sub-six hold:

image of a sub-six hold pistol sight picture

USAS Posts Match History Dating Back to 2001

I just discovered this feature this week, but USA Shooting has made 9 years' worth of members' match results available via their website.

If you go to and click the "Login" link in the left sidebar, you get to your member login area (you may have to register and/or login again). Once you're logged in to the RailStation interface, click on "Match History" in the left sidebar and you can see the results of every USAS match you've shot since 2001!

screenshot of match history page

How cool is that?


Pardini Grip Angle Change

I bought a Pardini SP New Rapid Fire pistol this past September as an upgrade from the Walther GSP I was using. The GSP worked, I had pushed into the high 570s with it, but it was time for a dedicated .22LR RF pistol.

After I did all the initial setup that you normally do with a new pistol, I determined that the grip angle was still too severe. I had the grip cut to fit my hand just fine, but when I lifted the gun, the front sight was way above the rear notch.

I decided to go the route of changing the angle of the inlet, rather than reconstructing the entire grip from the outside. What follows is how I accomplished that.